OPTOKON Kable Co., Ltd., s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality standard and flame retardant optical fiber and copper cables for use in projects of all sizes and different technical solutions. The main production plant is located in the center of Europe - in the Czech Republic. The plant is exclusively equipped with the latest technologies that meet the strictest criteria, in terms of the impact on the quality assurance of final products and the environment. All production processes and operations are conducted under close scrutiny, which together with a team of experienced professionals, ensures compliance with all the attributes required for the success of the whole product range on the European and global markets. For these reasons, certification of internal processes that ensure high-quality standards. OPTOKON Kable company is one of the production companies belonging to OPTOKON GROUP.

Díky realizaci projektu byly pořízeny technologie, které lze za tržních podmínek využít i pro jiné subjekty.







  Research and development center for innovation of optical cables